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in 1966, john lennon said “we’re more popular than jesus now” and people went batshit crazy. the beatles lost so many fans, and their record sales went down.

in 2013, kanye west claimed to be some weird-ass breed of jesus known as “yeezus" and the world stood and laughed. he even gained some fans.

what the fuck.

who cares, john lennon was racist, homophobic, ableist, and emotionally and physically abusive to his son and both his wives 

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bill pls


bill pls


I think the world should take account into this scene



So, my girlfriend wakes up in the middle of the nights sometimes, and if she notices I’m not close to her, she taps my face until I wake up and just holds her arms open and says, “Come. Warmth.” And then falls back asleep when I do as told.

this is the cutest thing ever